Monday, 1 September 2014

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Marries Nurse Who Brought Him Back To Health

A horrific tragedy brought them together, but it’s their undying love that will make sure they never part.

On Saturday, James Costello, who was seriously injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, married Krista D'Agostino –- the nurse who helped him through his recovery, according to a statement released by the Hyatt Regency Boston.

Their dream day came after enduring unimaginable pain.

In one of the most widely distributed photos of that fateful day, an ashen Costello was snapped staggering away from the carnage after two bombs had exploded at the Boston Marathon.

Wellness: The Girl With Three Biological Parents

Alana Saarinen at a piano
Alana Saarinen loves playing golf and the piano, listening to music and hanging out with friends. In those respects, she's like many teenagers around the world. Except she's not, because every cell in Alana's body isn't like mine and yours - Alana is one of a few people in the world who have DNA from three people.

"A lot of people say I have facial features from my mum, my eyes look like my dad… I have some traits from them and my personality is the same too," says Alana.

"I also have DNA from a third lady. But I wouldn't consider her a third parent, I just have some of her mitochondria."

Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Say "I DO" In Extravagant $5 Million Miami Wedding

Introducing Mr and Mrs Wade: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade exchanged vows in a luxurious and extravagant ceremony at Chateau Artisan in Miami on Saturday, the bride and groom looking simply stunning in their matching white ensembles in the first official photo
Actress Gabrielle Union has wed her NBA player boo Dwyane Wade in a black-and-white themed wedding that took place over the weekend. 

The couple tied the knot in Miami at the Chateau Artisan castle.

41-year-old Gabrielle wore a custom Dennis Basso gown from Kleinfeld Bridal with a tiered veil, whilst 32-year-old Miami Heat star Dwyane was adorned in a customized DSquared2 suit, his personally designed Wedding Collection bowtie from The Tie Bar and a boutonniere by Floral Fix.

Katie Hopkins Piles On Almost Four Stones To Show Overweight People Their Fat Is Their Own Fault

Katie Hopkins has piled on the pounds over the last three months - she now weights 12st 
Katie Hopkins could never be accused of holding her tongue in an awkward situation.

But the former reality TV contestant hit a new low last summer when she told an obese woman on This Morning that she wouldn't employ her because fat people give off the impression that they are lazy.
After a backlash from thousands of angry Brits, the 39-year-old has now ballooned from 8st 8lb to 12st to prove to overweight people across the UK that being chubby is their own fault.

Tiwa Savage Hires Chris Brown's Former Bodyguard

Singer Tiwa Savage has a new body guard, and he is no other than Chris Brown's former one. 

The proud singer took to her social network to share the picture above with the caption; 

"I figured if he can take care of chris brown then he can take care of mrsbillz ... shoutout to my dope bodyguard @dragotheking ps i think he is single ladies so all enquires through me #10%commission."

"Have A Little Self Respect" -Keri Hilson Cries Out Over Sergio

Poor Keri Hilson.. Obviously sick and tired of the female attention her long-term NBA boo Serge Ibaka receives, the singer took to Twitter to voice her concerns. 

Keri tweeted, "Why do girls think it's cute to vie for the attention of a taken man?

Why don't they feel hoe-ish? When did this become acceptable?

Happy September!!

Wishing you all a blessed and happy new month. May God guide you and bless you and fulfill you this September in Jesus mighty name. Amen! xxx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Sermon: If God Intends It, Nothing Will Prevent It

Many of us labor over prayer and become burdened when we are eagerly waiting for God to manifest what we KNOW he has promised us.

This happens when we pray in accordance with things that God has deposited directly in our spirit and whispered in our hearts. These are things that we have heard escape the mouths of others as our spirit recognizes each syllable uttered as confirmation.

The One who firmly planted the seed of desire deeply within us,  fertilizes it each time his whispered words echo inwardly.

Not being certain of how or when to proceed often results in doubt, disappointment, confusion and bitterness.

The answer is simple:  Process.

God is a God of process as evidenced in his creation of the earth.

He was very intentional and nothing was accidental or left to chance.  Creation happened in a very orderly manner.

Nigerian Mum Gives Birth Gives Birth to White Baby In 1,000,000-1 Odds

When the midwife presented Catherine Howarth with her new baby, she was convinced she’d been given the wrong child.

The little boy was completely white – whereas new mum Catherine has the dark black skin of her Nigerian heritage.

For even though baby Jonah has a white father, doctors say the chances of him being white too were an incredible one in a million. And it wasn’t only the “miracle” baby’s mum who was stunned.

Fashion We Like: Week Beginning 31st August

Picture Of The Day

Friday, 29 August 2014

Rita Dominic, Ice Prince Zamani, And Adora Oleh Feature In Blanck Magazine's 3rd Issue

Blanck Digital Magazine August 2014 _ Sugar Daily 1
Blanck digital magazine has unveiled its third issue featuring popular Nigerian stars which include actress Rita Dominic, artist Ice Prince Zamani, and fast-rising presenter Adora Oleh.
Speaking about her psersonal life, Rita Dominic admits to being in a happy place and no longer being single.
“I feel grateful, thankful and excited as well. Not many have the opportunity to get to this number and for the most part, I have had a good life. Yes I am dating someone and I am in a happy place. I’m good.”

Wellness: The One and Only Way to Get Healthy

When it comes to our health, most of us know what we need to do to improve it -- more movement, more vegetables, less sugar, less stress, etc. Despite the messages we hear and tell ourselves, health isn't complicated and, while I realize the irony, we don't need to read another book or blog post to know how to do it.
While we may gravitate to "7 easy tips to get more sleep" or "12 quick ways to get healthy," (and I do mean "we" as I am fully culpable), articles that offer easily digestible health advice are often distractions from the one -- and unfortunately only -- way to achieve all that we read about: practice.

Weddings: Help! What Colour Should My Bridesmaids Wear? Part 2

It can be sometimes  nerve racking choosing something as simple as your wedding colour!

Once your wedding colours are chosen, it is more than likely that your bridesmaid's will be wearing a design in that shade. Continue for style and inspiration galore for your big day!
Happy Planning!

Tiwa Shares Has A Message For Husband Tunji Balogun

Crooner Tiwa Savage sent this funny messge to her new husband Tunji Balogun. 

Posting the picture above on her social account she captioned it. "........... which means you mrbillz @teebillz323 cannot return me to my parents or exchange me."

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

"No Competition" -Toke Makinwa Is Back With Some Home Truths

On this week’s episode Toke speak on a post she found on Instagram – ‘You can’t compete with the woman a man can’t leave alone.

Beauty Queens! Agbani Darego Strikes A Pose With Powede Lawrence

Former Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria and 2001 Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego posed alongside Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria Tourism 2013 Powede Lawrence. Both ladies whom bare a striking resemblance stunned in the selfie, showing of picture perfect makeup.

"I Never Attended University" - Africa's Richest Woman Folorunsho Alakija Shares Success Secret

Africa's richest women and chairman of Famfa Oil, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija addressed students of the University of Lagos yesterday at the 2014 UN International Youths Day in Lagos. 

Speaking about her success story that has seen her become a billionaire today, she also open up about not attending University.

"I come from Ikorodu, Lagos state. I am married to a dashing young lawyer of 70 years of age and we have four grown up gentlemen and grandchildren. It has not been a rag to riches fairytale.

It has not been an overnight phenomenon like some cases which you find here and there all over the world. For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted my own business. Hard work. I'm trying to tell you how I got to where I am if you want those billions. Hard work, diligence, persistence...days where you nearly gave up but I chose not to give up."

President Goodluck Jonathan Launches National Electronic Identity Card

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has launched a new E-National identity card in Abuja today.

The project is a partnership with MasterCard, the Nigerian National Identity Management Commission and Access bank.The first phase of the project aims to issue the card to 13 million Nigerians. The second phase is set to target 100 million Nigerians. 

Style By: Banke Balogun

My name is Banke Balogun and I am currently an MPH candidate at the University of California Los Angeles. I've always been interested in the public health field as aspire to have a career in global health researching neglected tropical disease. 

Aside from my public health interest, I am very much into fashion. 

At the age of 16, I moved to California to pursue modeling and it was not until then that I solidified my interest in the fashion world.

Genevieve Nnaji Strikes A Pose In Newly Released Picture

It's always good to see Genny out and about. 
The gorgeous Nollywood actress shared a picture of herself stepping out in this cute outfit earlier today. 

Daily Inspiration: Dr. Kent Brantly

The following are Dr. Kent Brantly's prepared remarks given at a news conference at Emory University Hospital on Thursday, provided by his charity Samaritan's Purse:

"Today is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. As a medical missionary, I never imagined myself in this position. When my family and I moved to Liberia last October to begin a two-year term working with Samaritan's Purse, Ebola was not on the radar. We moved to Liberia because God called us to serve the people of Liberia.

"In March, when we got word that Ebola was in Guinea and had spread to Liberia, we began preparing for the worst. We didn't receive our first Ebola patient until June, but when she arrived, we were ready. During the course of June and July, the number of Ebola patients increased steadily, and our amazing crew at ELWA Hospital took care of each patient with great care and compassion. We also took every precaution to protect ourselves from this dreaded disease by following MSF and WHO guidelines for safety.

"After taking Amber and our children to the airport to return to the States on Sunday morning, July 20, I poured myself into my work even more than before — transferring patients to our new, bigger isolation unit; training and orienting new staff; and working with our Human Resources officer to fill our staffing needs.

Three days later, on Wednesday, July 23, I woke up feeling under the weather, and then my life took an unexpected turn as I was diagnosed with Ebola Virus Disease. As I lay in my bed in Liberia for the following nine days, getting sicker and weaker each day, I prayed that God would help me to be faithful even in my illness, and I prayed that in my life or in my death, He would be glorified.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Career: 4 Signs You're About To Fail

Recently after a speaking engagement (where I spoke about using online tools and social media to build your brand and become an “e-lebrity” – yep, that’s a real term we use), I was invited to stick around to hear the event’s closing remarks from co-founder of Camp Gladiator, Jeff Davidson.

In the few short minutes Davidson was on stage, I was overwhelmed by the passion he instilled within each of his employees in the room. He figuratively lit the room on fire with only a handful of words. In short (and I’m delivering it far less eloquently than he), his message was this: Never quit.

Clothing Giant Zara Apologises For 'Holocaust Uniform' Error

It was meant to be a Wild West-inspired T-shirt for children, but to some people a children's top by Zara looked like an eerie reminder of the prison clothing victims of the Holocaust wore. How do clothes brands get some things so wrong, asks Chris Stokel-Walker.

Zara's blue-and-white striped T-shirt was designed for toddlers up to three years old and featured raking buttons on the left shoulder - with a six-pointed gold badge.

Zoom into the photo and you see the badge says "sheriff". But at the standard resolution on an online catalogue, social media users spotted it looked like the kind of yellow stars Jews in Nazi-occupied territory were forced to wear.

Ne-yo Heartbroken Fiancee Expresses Regret After Tubal Ligation Surgery For Him

The ex fiancee of R&B crooner Ne-yo broke down in tears because she revealed that she can no longer have children. Monyetta Shaw while with Ne-Yo, as a family, made the decision after she had their son Mason (they also have eldest daughter Madilyn, born 11 months before) that because they had a boy and a girl, they weren’t going to have anymore children.

With that in mind, Shaw had her tubes burnt by a doctor who until the very moment she did it, asked repeatedly, “Are you sure?” This was all while she was in her late 20s, under the impression that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives. Now that they’re not together anymore, she’s very angry.

Tragedy! Young Woman Dies After Donating Kidney To Ailing Uncle

Rehema Kanini, lost her life while trying to save another. Rehema donated her kidney to an uncle who urgently needed one, only to develop complications that led to her demise. Rehema died on August 7th in an Indian hospital after donating a kidney to her ailing uncle, who survived the operation.

Mid-Week Message: Give Me What I Need

When I write certain things on marriage, I see so many people reacting negatively to it. You are right, but does your reaction make my word a lie? Certainly no. That you got into marriage with the wrong person doesn’t make marriage to stop being a beautiful thing.

Marriage remains the most beautiful thing ever. Yes, I was battered and bruised; some days I was locked up with no food just because I tried to ask a question; I saw women brought into the matrimonial bedroom only for me to clear up the used condoms after it all, without questions;
my things were constantly stolen by the numerous girls coming in and out of our home; my house helps suddenly became my madams; even on Sunday mornings, I was beaten and I always went to church with scars on and in my eyes and all people could see were the designer sunshades covering the bleeding eyes and clothes covering the bleeding heart; I had no right to say ‘no’ to those very expensive gifts because that would mean hell for me, the world saw the wealth and affluence and believed that I was in second heaven.

Even when a baby from one of the numerous girlfriends was brought into my home, I covered it up and took care of her for seven years. What are the things you have seen leading you to draw the conclusion that marriage is bad? I am sure you haven’t heard 5% of my story.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lazio Rising Star Joseph Minala Turns 18 After Italian FA Probe Into His Age

Lazio’s young prospect Joseph Minala who successfully proved he isn’t forty years of age celebrated his 18 birthday on Sunday.

The Cameroon-born youth player was cleared to play for the Lazio academy after an investigation was completed by the Italian FA who released this statement:

"The federal prosecutor has examined the report and ordered the investigation to be closed.

"There are no doubts about his age. He is 17."

Could This Be The End For Troubled Malaysian Airlines? -Rows And Rows Of Empty Seats On Flights

Following two of the worst air tragedies in recent years, the shadow cast over Malaysia Airlines is growing ever darker.

A photo posted on Twitter claiming to show a Malaysia Airlines flight from Australia shows rows and rows of empty seats are seen, with just three passengers visible. Another showed a young family enjoying the whole plane to themselves.

Career: The World's Highest-Paid Models 2014

The 21 beauties on this year’s Forbes highest-paid models list made a combined $142 million in the last 12 months, proving that flawless genes and stellar business acumen are a killer combination.

Gisele Bundchen
Supermodel Linda Evangelista famously wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000; this year it could be said Gisele did not leave the house for less than $128,000 a day. The Brazilian icon pocketed $47 million in the last 12 months before taxes and fees, making her the world's highest-paid model for the eighth year in a row.

Relationships: Why We Waited Until Our Wedding Day To Kiss & WHY IT'S WORTH IT."

So, you may have heard our story through our books,  YouTube videos & blogs that we waited 1 year and 8 months to kiss until our wedding day. I'm not wearing it as a badge of honor to pat myself on the back, but moreso to remind this generation that there's people willing to honor God regardless of what this silly society pressures them to do. 

We decided to honor God NOT to bring glory to ourselves but to bring glory to HIM. He graced us during that season.

I felt led to write this blog because I'm seeing worldly blogs out there encouraging people NOT to wait to have sex until they get married. And these people claim to be Christians. I'm sorry, if you are pursuing sin and encouraging people to sin prior to marriage then you aren't a Christian. You're a liar and the truth is not in you. This may sound harsh, but I didn't set the standard, the bible did. You don't wear the title of Christian because you uttered a few words. Even demons believe in Jesus. There should be some fruit of living for Jesus in your life.

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