Tuesday, 23 September 2014

"I Remember A Time We Weren't Talking To Each Other" -Lara George Opens Up About Married Life

Singer Lara George opened up to Encomium magazine recently, speaking about the challenges faced in her ten years of marriage.

"There were many times like that. We have had our fair share. I remember a time we weren't talking to each other. It got really serious I had to call my pastor that I was fed up of my marriage. I can remember that my pastor was not around then but he spoke to my husband that Jesus loves the church unconditionally and things were sorted out.

Ebola Virus Outbreak: A First-Hand Liberian Tragedy

Princess Mayers sobs as she describes how Ebola has destroyed her life. The 17-year-old Liberian, whose story The Independent featured in May, had already suffered profoundly before the deadly virus struck the country.

Aged 14 and an orphan, she was forced to work as a prostitute to survive, and bore a child. A British charity called Street Child found her in the streets of West Point, one of the largest slums in the capital, Monrovia. It intervened and set Princess and her daughter on a path towards a brighter future. But because of the impact of Ebola, she is now struggling to go on. And her baby is dead.

The Ebola epidemic has claimed more than 2,600 lives across West Africa, with more than half of those deaths in Liberia. Last week, Barack Obama called the outbreak “a threat to global security”, and announced that he would send 3,000 US troops to affected regions.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

"The Seven Wonders Of Heaven" -Jentezen Franklin

I was so blessed to watch this. I pray it blesses you all too. Please watch and share.

"I Thank God Everyday For The Kind Of Man I Married" -Toke Makinwa Opens Up To City People

Media personality Toke Makinwa recently spoke to City People Magazine about her personal life, surprise wedding, and attending events. 

Read the extract from her interview:
“To be honest with you, I thank God everyday for the kind of man that I married. I can’t take that for granted. Marriage is a big deal and I wish a lot of young people will take out time to really understand what marriage is all about. Even me, what do I know? I have only been in it for about 8 months but I thank God for the kind of person that he is. He is my support system. I think he kind of likes what I do. 
So he is one of my biggest fans. Even when I forget certain things, he is the one that is always pushing me, have you thought about this? What about doing this? Why don’t you try that? There is absolutely nothing that I can’t talk to him about. We are thinking of doing a lot of work together as well hopefully in 2015.″ 

Travel: These Are 32 Of The Most Stunning Submissions In This Year's World Photography Awards

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards season has officially opened.
The competition, open to photographers of all skill levels and ages, has seen over 700,000 submissions -- from over 230 different countries -- since it launched in 2007. It aims to showcase the talents of artists and amateurs around the globe, calling for individuals to enter photos in four categories: professional (level "serious"), student (for those studying photography), youth (for the under 19 crowd), and open (for the enthusiasts).
(c) Rudi Steenbruggen, Netherlands, Open Compeition, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards
The contest, physically based in London, gives finalists and winners the opportunity to showcase their work at an exhibition at the historic Somerset House, as well as publication in the annual WPO book. Aspiring competitors have until January 5, 2015 to send in their offerings for this year.

Elenu Shows Off His Happy Family In Adorable New Pictures

Fast raising Nigerian comedian Elenu has been fairly quiet since he tied the knot with his sweetheart Chinwe in May 2013. 

The newly weds now have an adorable 7-month old son named Jayden, who featured in the adorable family pictures.

'She's Definitely Not A Christian', -Meagan Good Slammed By Fans After Her Private Pictures Are Leaked Online

Actress Meagan Good is one of the many celebrities whose iCloud account was hacked over the weekend. 

The unknown hackers released pictures of Meagan private moments shared with her husband, and also that of many female celebrities including Rihanna and Gabrielle Union.

Meagan Good been slammed by fans wondering why she would even be sending such pictures to her Pastor husband. Read the fans outrage when you continue.

Newlywed Fun! Dr Sid And His Wife Simi Vacation In Barbados

Adorable newly weds Dr Sid and his wife Simi Esiri looked loved up in their newly released pics.
The couple seem to be recreating their honeymoon moments as they vacation together in the Barbados. 

Career: 10 Emerging Women Entrepreneurs To Watch In Africa

She Leads Africa Finalists
In June this year, She Leads Africa, a Nigerian-based social enterprise that aims to foster business growth in Africa by providing female startup entrepreneurs with the knowledge, networks, and financing to build and scale strong businesses, launched a business pitch competition.

The purpose of the competition was to select ten exceptional young female entrepreneurs doing business in Africa to participate in an  Entrepreneur showcase, whereby the entrepreneurs would pitch their businesses to a panel of esteemed business leaders and investors, including Nigerian multi-millionaire telecoms tycoon Hakeem Belo-Osagie, Standard Chartered Nigeria CEO Bola Adesola and Ngozi Edozien, a former Managing Director for private equity firm Actis.

According to Afua Osei, a co-founder of She Leads Africa, the competition attracted close to 400 applications from 27 countries. Of the lot, 10 entrepreneurs were selected after a rigorous vetting process.

Happy New Week Guys!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Sermon: His Blessings Have No Limit

The last 2 years of my life have been a hurricane. I moved away from home because of family complications. I had to move to a totally different environment. It was with family, but I always felt like an outsider.

The hardest part of the struggle I was going through was that the year it all went south, I had just started to pray and fast. I participated in my very first Daniel Fast and shortly after the fasting was over, all hell literally broke loose.  All the same I did not give up on God and ran straight to Him for rescue and solution. I was in a job I hated, got several interviews but none of them worked out. I was bitter, angry, felt wronged.

My faith was not always at its strongest, but I fought many mental and spiritual battles with consistent prayer and supplication. After about a year of turmoil, my life began to make a change for the better. I read Christian books and blogs that encouraged me not to complain but do my best in the situation I was in. I fought my own negative mindset and did my best where I could, with the help of my Savior.

Fashion We Like: Week Beginning 21st September

Happy Sunday!

For Today and everyday, Lord I am thankful!
I pray you all are having a blessed Sunday! xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

MBGN 2014 Iheoma Nnadi Stuns In Newly Released Official Pictures

The Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria 2014, Iheoma Nnadi has released stunning promotional pictures. 

The 19 year old beauty queen triumphed many contestants to win N3 million and a brand new car when she was given her title in July. She will go on to represent Nigeria at the Miss World grand final which will be held later this year in London.

Happy Weekend!

Wishing you all an awesome and blessed weekend!!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

JayJay Okocha Features On The Cover Of Hello! Nigeria's September

Former captain of the Super Eagles, JayJay Okocha covers the September edition of Hello! Nigeria.

In the edition he speaks about his love for family, and life after football. The issue also features 17 time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer, who talks about his favourite way to celebrate.

Wellness: Oprah Winfrey, Cameroon Diaz, Jennifer Ainston And 23 Other Famous Women On Childlessness

The public’s appetite for celebrity babies is pretty insatiable: the mere possibility of a baby bump on a “royal” can drive the internet into a full-fledged tizzy (e.g., Kate Middleton, BeyoncĂ©) and celebrities rake in millions for featuring their newborn spawn on magazine covers.
This interest in celebabies guarantees that once a famous woman reaches a certain age, the press will commence aggressively grilling her about whether she wants to have kids — a phenomenon that can sometimes result in a flood of factually incorrect tabloid stories, as Jennifer Aniston can attest. 

Despite the mounting pressures to have a baby already, a number of well-known, powerful women have said no, thanks, and spoken quite frankly about their decision not to parent. Here, a roundup of inspiring, funny, empowering takes from women including Gloria Steinem, Condoleezza Rice, and Stevie Nicks, on the upsides of taking the road less diapered.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Is All Smiles At The 'Blood In The Lagoon' Texas Premiere

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde stunned at the premiere of her new movie 'Blood In The Lagoon'. 

The actress wore a sheer gold gown and bold accessories for the Houston, Texas premiere. 

Bovi Wishes Sends Adorable Birthday Message To Wife, And She Responds With Sweet Reply

Nigerian comedian, Bovi's wife is a year older today. The fast rising comedian celebrated his wife Kris' birthday with an adorable message to his wife.

"The tree on which I lean is a year older today. Happy birthday to my love and lover. You will always be my baby."

His wife Kris who is a makeup artist and mother of their 2 children, celebrated with a heartfelt message celebrating her husband.

"I spent the first 10minutes of today in tears of joy.... sweet words from my husband and most of all, looking back to 5yrs ago."

Hollywood Top Ladies Glow In New L'Oreal Paris Lipstick Campaign

Hollywood A-listers, along with Freida Pinto, Julianne Moore and Liya Kebede, are the stars of the French beauty giant's new campaign.

The campaign, which sees the women dressed all in white each wearing a bold red lip, celebrates the brand's latest lipstick launch, Collection Exclusive Pure Reds.

Tech: Users Frustrated By Apple iOS Update

Apple iPhone and iPad users have taken to social media to express their frustration over installing the company's latest software update.

Many have resorted to deleting photos, videos and other files in order to free up space for the new version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS8, which requires up to 5.8GB of storage.

Apple has also removed apps for its new health software because of a bug.

"Pay Your Debt" -Toke Makinwa Is Back With Another Vlog Of The Week

This week, watch Toke speak about people  that have a bad debt culture. 

Those people who live above their means, the people who keep borrowing with no intention to pay back and people that you should not do business with.

Annie Idibia Celebrates Husbands 2face Idbia's Birthday With Adorable Message

It's popular crooner 2face Idibia birthday today!

His gorgeous wife Annie Idibia celebrated the special occasion with a loving message for her husband, below.

about 11 hours ago
my king.... my supa human...can't believe am totally lost of words to actually describe how much i love you ... happy birthday baby..

'I Would Be On Top Of The Pops And Go Home To Get Punched': Jamelia Admits Scars Of Domestic Abuse Will Be With Her Forever

It's been 13 years since Jamelia suffered domestic violence at the hands of a former partner.
However, the pop star, 33, admits the mental scars of the harrowing time still remain as she reflected on her experience for Loose Women's new domestic violence campaigns on Wednesday.

The father of the singer's eldest daughter Teja, now 13, beat the singer during their relationship, but it was only after their child was born, Jamelia found the courage to leave him.

Style: 'Baby Bare Foot Sandals' The Latest Trend In Baby Fashion

We're not sure if anyone would want to do this to their babies feet, but apparently these baby footsies sandals are now the in thing.

The baby 'sandals' serve no real purpose but looking good, however they strike us as looking slightly uncomfortable.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

At Least 15 Dead As Gunmen Attack Nigerian College Campus Killing Students As They Fled From Bomb Explosion

Terrorists stormed the Federal College of Education in Kano, northern Nigeria, killing 15 and injuring 35
Gunmen stormed a higher education college in northern Nigeria on Wednesday, firing on fleeing students and setting off an explosion in an attack that killed at least 15 people and wounded 35, police said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack in the region's main city of Kano, but the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which has repeatedly targeted civilians in the north, is likely to be a prime suspect.
A police spokesman added that officers arrived on the scene and killed two of the attackers.

Traditional Style: Gele Part 7

Get ready for more sensational traditional styles that WILL have you putting your tailor on speed dial!




Mid-Week Message: The Woman In The Mirror

My past is not perfect neither is it beautiful but I do believe God has called me to be as real and transparent as I can and not be afraid to share what I’ve always been afraid to share which is the truth. 

For many years I suffered in silence and even now it is still a struggle. Although I am not of this world, I still live in it and for the most part it is pretty cloudy.

God has spoken to me in numerous ways this week. I’ve been working on this blog for the past few days trying to figure out ways to cover up the TRUTH because of my lack of courage. I had a call scheduled with someone who “FOLLOWS” me on FACEBOOK and the Holy Spirit clearly spoke through her to get to me.

She told me her challenge of comparing herself to others and how she looked up to me. In no way would I be a good leader if I sat there and acted as if this isn’t my current ISSUE. She then began to tell me about a friend that would share current struggles and how she never once looked at the person differently. This was my turn to be honest and let her know my struggles, so I did.

Health: 3 Little Changes That Seriously Curb Cravings

If you're like most people, you get out of bed the same way every morning, and the particulars of putting on clothes and taking your first sip of coffee are nearly robotic. 

You probably never give much thought to actions like these. That's the point. They're habits -- behaviors wired so deeply into your unconscious that they can be accomplished on cruise control, allowing your brain to focus on more important matters. Of course, this can become problematic when your brain automatically begins to expect a brownie every day at 4 P.M. But take heart: Research shows that even the most hardwired routines can be disrupted. And the fix is often as easy as changing your environment.

1. Declutter to Eat Better

Researchers at the University of Minnesota suspected that an orderly lifestyle could result in healthier behaviors. To find out, they assigned 34 students to work in either a neat or untidy space. After ten minutes, the students were asked whether they wanted an apple or a piece of chocolate.

Stephanie Okerere Linus Glows In New Beach Pictures

Aww, we love Stephanie Okerere Linus! It's refershing to see her out and about as she often shuns the media sotlight and rarely attends events and social functions. 

The gorgeous Nollywood actress has recently concluded filming for her new Hollywood movie, 'Boon Ville Redemption'. In the movie set in 1906, Stephanie stars as a slave called Doris.

Career: Black Women Find A Growing Business Opportunity: Care For Their Hair

Not much seems unusual about Judian Brown and Kadeian Brown’s storefront in a tidy plaza off Church Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn, a neighborhood where every block seems to have its own African hair-braiding salon.

Posters of African-American women with long, sleek hair fill the window. Round jars of shea butter belly up to slender boxes of hair dye on the shelves. Wigs perch on mannequin heads.

What makes Black Girls Divine Beauty Supply and Salon’s visitors do a double-take is the skin color of the proprietors. “I go, ‘Look at all the faces on the boxes,’ ” said Judian Brown, recalling other shopkeepers’ and customers’ surprise when they realize she is not an employee, but the owner. “Who should be owning these stores?”

Chris Brown Holds On To Karrueche As He Promotes New Album 'X' In LA

Follow me: Chris obviously liked what he saw, making sure to hold on to his girlfriend of four years' hand as they left the store
Loyal singer Chris Brown stepped out with his long-term boo Karrueche Tran to promote his new album 'X' which was released on Tuesday.

The crooner visited cult store Crooks N Castles where he signed copies of his new album.

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