Friday, 24 October 2014

Mali Confirms First Case Of Ebola

Health worker in Mali. Photo: 9 October 2014
The Mali government has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the country.

It said a two-year-old girl had tested positive for the haemorrhagic virus. She recently returned from the neighbouring Guinea.

More than 4,800 people have died of Ebola - mainly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone - since March.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Daughter Of Christian Woman On Death Row In Pakistan Reveals Her Hell At Hands Of Religious Fanatics

Two young daughters of a Pakistani Christian woman on death row for 'blasphemy' today told how they were tortured by a mob of religious fanatics because of their mother's alleged comments.

Asia Bibi has been sentenced to hang in Pakistan after she was accused of making disparaging remarks about the prophet Mohammed during an argument.

While working as a berry picker in 2009, the 46-year-old got into a dispute with a group of Muslim women who objected to her drinking their water because, as a Christian, she was considered 'unclean'.

As a result of the initial allegations, the family were savagely beaten by angry villagers at their house and forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

Helicopter Tour! Chika Ike Continues To Maximise Her Fun In Dubai

It's no secret that Nollywood star Chika Ike is currently enjoying a lavish pre-birthday holiday in Dubai. 

Chika decided to conquer her fear of heights today as she enjoyed a helicopter ride. The actress looked fashionable to do so, dressing casual jeans up with a pair of Louboutin  heels.

Obiora Nwokolobia-Agu Celebrates 3 Years Of Marital Bliss

So adorable! Musician 'Obiwon' Obiora Nwokolobia-Agu and his beautiful wife Nkechi are celebrating a blessed 3 years of marriage. 

The singer took to his Facebook to share a heartfelt message to his wife, and thank God for the families new addition, baby boy Chimdalu Michael.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pre-Birthday Fun! Chika Ike Relaxes On Yatch As She Celebrates Lead Up To Her 29th Birthday

Actress Chika Ike ignores her critics as she continues to share pictures from her luxurious Dubai pre-birthday getaway. 

According to her close friend and PA Serah Donald, Chika has sent over $24,000 renting a yatch for two days as she celebrates the lead up to her 29th birthday.

Style Tribute: Oscar De La Renta

Born in Santa Domingo in 1932 to a wealthy family, De la Renta was an immigrant whose name become synonymous with the American upper class.

The youngest of seven brothers, he arrived in the US via Madrid and Paris, where he had worked for Cristóbal Balenciaga, Lanvin and Balmain.

The money his father sent him while he was in Spain he spent on fancy clothes and “senorita” suits. He remained joyously and impeccably dapper – three-piece suits with starched collars to entertain influential friends at his various holiday homes – until his death.

'Justice Has NOT Been Done - Only Oscar Knows The Truth': Reeva Steenkamp's Parents Speak Out

The parents of the model shot dead by Oscar Pistorius say they do 'not feel that justice has been done' but insisted they 'have to accept' the sentence imposed by the judge.

Pistorius, 27, known as the Blade Runner, was yesterday jailed for five years for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 29, but could be out of prison in just 10 months.
The sentence has been criticised by some as too lenient and sparked calls for it to be increased.

Lol: 'Start Dinner'

Relationships: Q & A: Is There Anything Wrong In Maintaining Contact With My Ex After Marriage?

Husband: How can I believe that there is nothing going on between you and your ex? 
You say he is your ex and he keep calling you; even as late as 10p.m. at night.
Does he not know you are married? I have told you that you should tell him to keep off.

Wife: I don't know what you are stressing yourself about. Have I not married you? He is just a good friend. He means no harm. I don't think you should see him as a threat.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"It's Not Our Place To Tell Anyone How They Should Live" - New York Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Speaks

Hillsong Church's New York location reportedly draws "a lot of gay men and women" among the thousands who flock there every weekend, according to head pastor Carl Lentz.

"Jesus was in the thick of an era where homosexuality, just like it is today, was widely prevalent," Lentz told CNN in a June interview (above). "And I'm still waiting for someone to show me the quote where Jesus addressed it on the record in front of people. You won't find it because he never did."

Lentz's wife, Laura, added: "It's not our place to tell anyone how they should live. That's their journey."

Study Finds Expensive Weddings Risk Divorce

Couples who spend more on their weddings and engagement rings are more likely to see their nuptials end in divorce.

US researchers surveyed 3,000 American adults who had once been married for more than 13 years and found that men who spent between $2,000 and $4,000 (£1,244 and £2,488) on an engagement ring were 1.3 times more likely to get divorced than those who spent between $500 (£311) and $2,000 (£1,244).

More Pictures From Chika Ike's Fabulous Dubai Getaway

Actress Chika Ike is currently enjoying a Dubai break along with her assistant Serah Donald. 

The Nollywood star is celebrating her birthday and taking some time out from filming her new reality show 'African Diva'.

Happy Birthday! Nse Ikpe Husband Shares Sweet Birthday Message

Nollywood actress Nse Ikpe Etim's is a year older today! 

Her husband Clifford Sule celebrated his wife with a sweet birthday message that said, "A little red velvet cake that is as sweet as you are. As gorgeous as you! It would be rude of me not to indulge. Happy birthday my dear, God bless you"

Designer Oscar De La Renta Dies Aged 82

US fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who dressed former first ladies Jackie Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, has died aged 82, US media report.

De La Renta, who most recently designed Amal Clooney's wedding dress, was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, he left home at 18 to study painting in Madrid, Spain.

Oscar Pistorius Given Five Years For Reeva Steenkamp Death

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been given five years in jail for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Judge Thokozile Masipa also gave Pistorius a three-year suspended sentence for a firearms charge.

The parents of Reeva Steenkamp told the BBC they were happy with the sentence and relieved the case was over. The defence said it expected Pistorius to serve about 10 months in prison.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Taking A Break! Chika Ike's Relaxes In Dubai

Nollywood star  Chika Ike is taking some time off from filming her new reality series 'African Diva'. The actress posted few pictures from her luxurious get away in Dubai on her social networks which she captioned, "Hello Dubai. The queen is back."

The Week's Message: 7 Things We Can All Learn From Ruth

A brief background of Ruth to appreciate her story:

Ruth is not your ideal woman.

She was a Moabite. Moabites were descendants of Lot from an incestuous relationship with his oldest daughter.

Ruth was looked down upon because she was a woman (women were once considered a property, a little higher than cows in their society)

She’s a widow.

She remained faithful to her mother-in-law, Naomi. Braving the nasty things people said about her and the cruel treatment she received, she went out to glean the barley fields of her late husband’s kin Boaz.

Boaz heard of Ruth’s goodness from his people.
Boaz saw how Ruth cared for her mother-in-law.
Boaz had known Ruth’s loyalty, diligence, determination, and perseverance.
Naomi advised Ruth to dress up and sleep at Boaz’s feet.
The rest as they say is history.

7 Things We Can All Learn From Ruth:
1. Ruth’s priority was not to wait for someone to redeem her after her husband died leaving her with no children. Sort out your priorities. Don’t wait for other people—especially for men to validate your existence.

Fashion We Like: Week Beginning 19th October

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Friday, 17 October 2014

"Marriage! What Nobody Tells You" -Toke Makinwa Vlogs

Thought-provoking marriage advice from newlywed TV personality Toke Makinwa. 

On this episode of Toke Moments, Toke talks about marriage and and what no one tells you about it.

Love Is A Beautiful Thing! Tobi Ashimolowo Weds Toyin Omotayo Traditionally

KICC pastor Mathew Ashimolowo had reason to celebrate yesterday as his son Tobi wed stunning Toyin Omotayo. 

The traditional Yoruba wedding took place at KICC Prayer City in Kent, England.

Happy Friday Guys!

Because His love is what will ever be constant in your life, you can rely on it, beloved. You can place your whole life upon this great and mighty God who loves you, and know that He will not fail. He will not change. He will forever be faithful and consistent, whatever it is that comes your way or whatever mistake you will do.
Because His love is what will ever be constant in your life, you can rely on it, beloved. You can place your whole life upon this great and mighty God who loves you, and know that He will not fail. He will not change. He will forever be faithful and consistent, whatever it is that comes your way or whatever mistake you will do.


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