Daily Inspiration: Husband & Wife- Nkechi Harry Ngonadi

Behind every great man..there lies a great and prayerful woman. 
As a MAN fights off the burdens & pressures of life to protect his family, his woman who is anchored in her FAITH supports him in prayer and is not facing him as not to judge him as he strains to push through. They children knows that her parents are united and they are at PEACE, the man knows the answer & points towards the heavens because it’s GOD that has the answer!
A husband can completely miss one of his wife’s most important needs: to be cherished. This need is too often overlooked by husbands because we don’t feel the need for it as deeply as women do. But that doesn’t discount its validity.

Your wife needs to be cherished. She needs to know she is number one in your life. If it came down to an evening with your buddies or a night with your wife, she needs to know you would choose her—not because you have to, but because you want to. What can you do to cherish your wife? Consider how often you say, “I love you.” Some men don’t feel the need to say it with words, but every wife has an insatiable need to hear it.


Happy New Year to all our fabulous friends. Thank God for another year. 
God bless you all for your support and love over the years and your patience. Love you all and look forward to an amazing 2017.

Fashion We Like: Week Beginning 4th December -Tis' The Season To Be Fabulous


Beauty: “My confidence is very much real! " -Beauty Blogger Jennifer Olaleye Has The Perfect Response For Her Haters

This is Jennifer Olaleye, a 24-year-old YouTuber and makeup artist from London. She told BuzzFeed News that when she shared this selfie on Instagram she received what she described as “shocking” comments that she screengrabbed and shared, because she wanted the accounts responsible to be reported.

This is Jennifer Olaleye, a 24-year-old YouTuber and makeup artist from London. She told BuzzFeed News that when she shared this selfie on Instagram she received what she described as "shocking" comments that she screengrabbed and shared, because she wanted the accounts responsible to be reported.

The comments said “I don’t know where dark skinned girls are getting this confidence from :/” and “I think this confidence is fake tbh.”

Pre-weddings: 12 Years In The Making -Adaobi & Ikechukuwu's Love Story

Groom's story
I still remember how it all began, the fist time I saw her. Thinking about how it all happened puts a smile on my face. Who knew that we would be here today?

Certainly not me. It was on December 2004 at Ogidi town in Anambra state that we met. I had just gotten into the university and had returned to the East to attend my uncle's traditional marriage. While the ceremony was going on, I noticed 4 ladies

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Cover People Magazine

We're bidding farewell to the First family. President of America, Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama share the cover of the People Magazine.


Elizabeth Keene

Relationships: 7 Secrets To A Long — And Happy Marriage

Matthew Boggs, whose parents divorced, was jaded about marriage. But he noticed his grandmother and grandfather, who had been married for 63 years, were still madly in love.

To find out what was the secret to a long and happy marriage, Boggs and his friend, Jason Miller, traveled 12,000 miles around the U.S. to talk to what they call the “Marriage Masters,” couples who have been married 40 years or more. In their new book, “Project Everlasting,” Boggs and Miller share advice from the happy couples. TODAYshow.com asked the two bachelors to tell us what are the top seven secrets to a successful marriage. Here they are:

1. “Divorce? Never. Murder? Often!”
Entering matrimony with the mindset that “divorce is not an option” is vital for the long-term success of marriage

Colours & Themes: Creating The Perfect Hashtag For Your Wedding

I can’t remember the first time I spotted a hashtag although I can bet that I clicked on my first hashtag on twitter. Just in case  you are wondering what the heck a hashtag is, I’ll give you a quick rundown. When people share things on social media, they tag their post or photos by adding a # in front of a phrase and the text following the # turns into a link.

Hashtags are everywhere these days – on twitter accounts, on news feeds, weddings, events, car commercials, TV soap opera’s and music shows. When designed well, hashtags can increase your online following and help pin down what makes your event unique. However, I’ve seen brides and even event managers choose the wrong hashtag for a wedding. It doesn’t take a lot of time to pick the perfect hashtag for your wedding but keep in mind that there’s no registration procedure for creating a wedding  hashtag.

Brides: Kente Brides

Kente cloth, known as nwentom in Akan, is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana. We love to see Traditional Ghanaian brides looking flawless in their unique Kente designs.

Here are few of our recent favourites to get you inspired.

Daily Inspiration: Make It Work

#Choice. I sat at a table with a few ladies last night at a dinner held in my honor and we talked a lot about marriage.I shared my journey and how what you see is hard work to keep to our commitment .Being married is even harder than building a career .My oldest son once said to fela &I "you both say marriage is hard but u make it look so easy "It may look easy but it is far from it.
1. The best choice u can make is the choice of who to marry. (we have a similar vision of what marriage should be)

2. We decided almost 17 years ago we will MAKE it WORK (we both come from broken homes)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. -Psalm 118

Weddings: Genevieve Nnaji Younger Sister Ties The Knot Traditionally

So pretty! Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji younger sister Dora Ebuka Nnaji got traditionally marreid earlier this week to her sweetheart Prince Chigozie.

Video: Sudanese Man Falls to His Knees in Middle of Texas Airport to Praise God After Emotional Reunion With Family

What does sheer gratitude look like? The moment a Sudanese refugee was reunited with his family at a Texas airport pretty much says it all.

The story began back in 2012 when a Sudanese woman showed up in Forth Worth, Texas, pregnant and with her two small children.

Inspired: Kelvin Okafor

When Kelvin Okafor (Pictured, in self potrait) first told his parents he wanted to study art, they were a little unsure.

Weddings: Royal Couple Ewemade Igbinedion & Ganiu Abidemi Kuteyi Wed

Chief Gabriel Igbinedion’s daughter Ewemade Igbinedion got traditionally married over the weekend to Ganiu Abidemi Kuteyi, the son of Chief Waheed Kuteyi.



Purpose: Powede Lawrence

MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria) Tourism 2013 Powede Lawrence.

On Insecurities:
"All through my teenage years, I struggled with insecurities, I wasn't growing as fast as my peers, when every other girl in class was a C cup I was nothing close to an A cup, I was literally a "tom boy" cos I felt I didn't have feminine features.


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