Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wellness: What Happens One Hour After Drininkng A Can Of Coke

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body after you drink a can of your favourite fizzy drink?

A new infographic compiled by The Renegade Pharmacist, has revealed the reaction you go through for an hour after consuming, from the first sip, right through to 60 minutes after finishing.

Actress Uche Ogbodo Celebrates Her Daughters 1st Birthday With Cute Photoshoot

Nollywood actress,Uche Ogbodo is celebrating her daughters birthday today.

The adorable birthday girl Milred Chinagorom is one today and Uche releases some pictures from a very 'delicious' photo-shoot, captioning the image:

"I Wash My Hands In Innocence and Go Around Your Altar, O' LORD, proclaiming thanksgiving Aloud,and telling all your Wondrous Deeds.

Mid-Week Message- When We Ignore God: You’re Praying, But Has God Already Answered?

woman studying
Have you ever tried ignoring God? By that I mean, you pray for answers about a situation. But when God gives you an answer which is not pleasing to you, you convince yourself that it couldn’t possibly be the answer God wants you to hear. 

You continue to ignore His signs. That is, until you get that “Can You Hear Me Now?” moment.

Years ago, I was working a job that required me to work weekends. So this meant that I couldn’t attend weekly services on Sunday. I prayed on the situation. I asked God to make a way for me to attend services on Sunday. Shortly after, I had a talk with my boss and explained to him my dilemma.

He explained that because I was a supervisor he needed someone on the weekends, but if I was willing to step down from my position, he would offer me a position which would allow me to have weekends off. Problem was… I couldn’t afford to take a pay cut (or so I thought). After long thought and consideration, I declined the position. Now it was officially time to start my job hunt. Not long after, I received another job offer which offered weekends off.

Disabled Pensioner Alan Barnes Is Moving To The Shetland Isles After Receiving A Calling From God

I get so excited when I read about amazing people in the news. There's so much negativity so its so refreshing to read something that makes you smile.

Disabled pensioner Alan Barnes is selling the home he bought with donations after he was brutally mugged and plans to move to the Shetland Islands saying he has had a calling from God.
The 67-year-old from Gateshead, who is just 4ft 6in tall and is visually impaired, moved into his new £150,000 home three months ago after well wishers raised £330,000.

He had been left with a broken collar bone after being attacked by drug addict Richard Gatiss while putting the bins out at his old home in the Low Fell area of the town.

Picture Of The Day!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Week's Message: "After Graduation & Feeling Purposeless?"- By Heather Lindsey

I recall taking an internship my junior year in college (2003) and I had just finished cooking for Jesus & having a "date night. with Him" I was single, focused & very intentional about spending time with God daily. So, as we watched a movie, He told me to turn to TV off. I grabbed a journal and the Lord began to download into my heart. He said,

"Heather, I have called you to preach my gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. You and your one day husband will have a worldwide ministry and millions of people will come into the knowledge of who I am through your ministry. You will travel all over the world and don't be afraid because I will be with you."

I WAS SO EXCITED! The LORD FINALLY TOLD ME MY PURPOSE!! I had been asking Him EVERYDAY for like 6 months so I was thrilled when He made things to plain to me. I recall jumping up & telling my roommate who wasn't a believer! She didn't seem so thrilled & then the Lord told me that everybody isn't going to share in my joy & excitement but it doesn't change what He has called me to do. He also shared that He never told me to tell her. Lesson learned. :) Nonetheless, I felt like I had some type of direction for the first time in my life.


My graduation party from MSU! Left for NYC right after this photo!

Then I sat there on my bed and thought, wait Lord. I have no ministry experience. I just got saved like 8-9 months ago. I have no parents or even family members in ministry. Wait, you sure that you called ME Lord? I mean, I'm a train wreck. I honestly felt so insufficient. I thought about my past where I chased down bad relationships. I thought about the boyfriend I barely broke up with 3 months ago. I thought about just not feeling enough.

Fashion We Like: Week Beginning 5th July

Wishing You All A Blessed Week Ahead!

Yay! African Sweetheart Weddings Is LIVE!!!

Hi loves,

We've been working on a few exciting projects over the past months. I'm glad to announce that African Sweetheart Weddings is officially online.

There is so much exciting stuff on the way so make sure you save our sister site as a favourite!

Instagram media africansweetheartweddings - Cute couple!���� Congratulationd @sugalips_lloyd!���� #AfricanSweetheartWeddings #vickyaboye2015
We are so excited!!! African Sweetheart Weddings is officially LIVE!

You can expect the very BEST in Wedding Inspiration for the 'modern African bride'.
Make sure you get involved and let us know how we can INSPIRE you!

If your a vendor, be sure to send us an email to find out how you can be added to our exclusive vendor list.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

"I'm Coming Out As A Straight Man " -Steven Stewart

Today "I'm Coming Out As A Straight Man ".... I'm tired of living a lie, I can't help it I was born this way!

I'm tired of being discriminated and having people insult me with words of "close minded", "bible thumper", "religous" etc.
If I try to speak out, I'm labeled "hate filled", "oppressor" , and "Judgemental"... I feel I have no rights at all!

I'm thinking of calling Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, as a white male and straight, I'm sure they will come running!

BTW, With my coming out straight, im expecting:

*a phone call from the President applauding me for being so courageous
*to win the Noble Peace Price (for my heroic act)

Happy July!

Wishing you all a very blessed new month, and the perfect protection from our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen. xx


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