Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ebola Patient Flew Brussels Airlines Before Boarding United Planes

The Ebola patient was named today as Thomas Eric Duncan (pictured), a Liberian national who had traveled to Dallas, Texas, from Liberia on September 20 to visit family. 

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles said on Wednesday the children who came in contact with Mr Duncan are showing no symptoms and are now being monitored at home. As an added precaution, Miles says additional health and custodial staff will be at the high, middle and two elementary schools - the students attend.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Career: "If You’re Still Poor At 35, It Is Your Fault" -Alibaba CEO Jack Ma

Alibaba executive chairman and co-founder Jack Ma has provided a reality check for those wondering why they haven’t been blessed with success.

The recently-crowned richest man in China wrote an op-ed claiming that if someone is still poor at 35 years old, that person has no one to blame but him or herself.

Translated from Chinese by Vulcan Post, the article begins with Ma recalling the opposition he faced when he first proposed the idea for Alibaba to 24 of his friends.

Asian Interviewer: "Can You Address Their Concerns Mr.Chang?"

Asian Interviewer: "Can you address their concerns Mr.Chang?"

MR. CHANG: "The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. We Asian people look back at our long history of conflict with the European. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud mass movements on our part, because we intend to overtake them in time, through action and personal sacrifice".

Asian INTERVIEWER: "And the Black man?"

MR. CHANG: "He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Black man. We just love the Asian man most. Real love--not cliche. We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him.

President Obama Updated As CDC Confirms First Case Of Ebola Diagnosed In The U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday announced the confirmation of the first Ebola case in the United States in a person who traveled from West Africa.

In a press conference, CDC Director Tom Frieden said that the virus was diagnosed in someone traveling from Liberia. Although the person had no symptoms when leaving Liberia, or when entering the United States, he started to present symptoms four to five days following his travel. The patient was admitted and placed in isolation on Sunday, September 28.

Mid-Week Message: Life’s a Roller-Coaster… BUT God Will Never Forsake You

If you know me, then you know that I do not ride roller coasters. I don’t even like the small ones. 

Because I am not a fan of heights, I’m not going to put myself in a place where I will be suspended in mid-air just for fun.

When my brother asked me to ride the Superman ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, you can guess the answer that I gave him. However, 10 minutes later I found myself standing in the line of over 100 people, waiting to get on the Superman ride.  I could not believe that I had let my brother talk me into riding it.
I said a little prayer and we took off.  I must tell you that I trusted my brother (of course) but, my faith was in the Lord.

Happy October!!!!

Happy October beautiful's!

So excited and blessed to enter a new month. This year has been moving so quickly, and God has been so faithful as always. My prayer for myself and all you wonderful reader's is that God who has kept you till today, will continue to!

May God bless you, uplift you and prosper you in Jesus mighty name. This year will not end with the fulfillment of God's words promised for us in 2014! 

Thank you all for being a part of the African Sweetheart journey. I really appreciate and thank God for you and all the support I have received to date.

Love you guys!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Breaking News: First Ebola Case Diagnosed On US Soil

Health workers in protective suits look at an ambulance upon its arrival at Island Hospital in Monrovia on 30 September 2014
The first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on US soil has been confirmed by medical officials in Dallas, Texas.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed the case.

The patient is said to be a man believed to have been infected in Liberia prior to displaying symptoms of the illness in Texas.

More than 3,000 people have already died of Ebola in West Africa.

African Sweetheart Weddings On Instagram Part 14

Make sure you follow African Sweetheart Weddings on Instagram for more breathtaking wedding inspirations!

Breathtaking fulani inspired look! such a beautiful model. makeup by @millie_mz and photography by ">@ayotaurrus!

How adorable! Bride @ebaiby, her groom and their parents!

Perfect guest@mzz_sweetness looks gorg in an ankara and lace creation.

Relationships: 26, Unmarried, And Childless

What’s Next?”

Both of my brothers recently had kids that more than likely complete their families. They’re both older than me, so it makes sense they’re at a different stage.

They met and married their wives, they bought dogs and they had kids, all in a nice little sequence. I love watching them build their lives together. It’s a really good thing. When my last brother got married, I was in my early twenties. No one uttered anything about me getting married then.

But now? I’m 26 years old, unmarried, and childless. The comments are starting.

“What’s next?”

“When are you getting married?”

“Babies look good on you!”

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Such an encouragement!!!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Daily Inspiration: "A Dream That Drives You" -Jentezen Franklin

Best message I've heard today! Hope it blesses you too!

"I've Never Cheated On My Wife" -Read Fela Durotoye Inspirational Interview

Fela Durotoye is your quintessential gentleman and a poster boy image of a husband.

The problem with quintessential men like that is that, they come with baggages, but not FD has he is popularly called. He has almost what you will call a perfect life – successful career, fame, money and a wife that makes over 40million naira a month.

In this emotional charged interview where Fela paused to deliver a word of prophesy on the publisher of iCampus, Fela Durotoye tells the story behind the glory, and revealed that he will never cheat on his wife. Guess what?

We believe him.

Beauty: Gucci Debuts Makeup Line At Milan Fashion Week Spring '15

(Courtesy of Gucci)
At Milan Fashion Week, the beauty crowd had two reasons to rejoice after Gucci’s Spring ’15 show.

First, the runway look: a juxtaposition of radiant skin, gleaming eyes and soft touches of pink. Then there was the makeup itself, wrapped in chic black-and-gold packaging, debossed with the bold Guccissima pattern and capped off with those interlocking letters. There it was, our first official look at the 200-piece Gucci makeup line set to launch in October.

Daiily Inspiration: Homeless People Each Share One Thing About Themselves That Will Surprise You

For a simple but profound project, Rethink Homelessness invited several of Orlando’s homeless residents to tell the rest of us one fact from their lives that, if we walked past them, we would never expect.

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Wishing you all a happy and very productive week ahead!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday Sermon: A Starved Spirit (Hungering For God Again)

"My daughter, you're becoming so busy and concerned about the things of this world that you're hardening your heart against me. 

Being overwhelmed and worried hardens your heart against My presence in your life because you take your eyes off of me and you put them on your situation. You take your eyes off of me and your allow for worry to consume your heart. I long to flow in and out of you but I need you to stop holding onto your ways and thinking."

So, that was a very real conversation that I had with God at one point in my life. I never thought that I was hardening my heart against Him! I mean, I'm helping people, I'm writing books, I'm praying for others, laying hands, blogging, I'm serving my family! I mean, come on God! He said, but Heather, you are doing it out of an empty, overwhelmed spirit.

You are rushing from here to there and even in your prayer time with me, you are rushing through it and running off to the next thing on your to-do list all while thinking about your schedule in my presence. It's almost like, God was whispering to my heart & I screamed back through my actions, "GOD, I don't have time for that right now, I'm too busy praying." God is JEALOUS for my schedule. He is JEALOUS for the time I give all of things things & people.

At times, we can be doing all of these God things and then we feel overwhelmed and weary. We cry out to Him and we still feel the same way. You see, you're doing what you're doing out of an empty spirit. Your spirit man is STARVED. The crazy thing is this, when we are hungry, our body tells us and we run and eat some food.

Fashion We Like: Week Beginning 28th September

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Lussory's 24-Karat-Gold, Alcohol-Free Wine Is All The Rage In Dubai

Finding alcohol can be tricky in Dubai, but for the thirsty, there’s a silver lining—or in this case, a 24-karat gold suffused sparkling beverage.

Lootah Premium Foods, supplier to some of the most prestigious restaurants in the Emirates, has begun ordering monthly shipments of 26,000 bottles of Lussory Gold sparkling non-alcoholic white wine. In other words, this halal beverage (0.0% percent alcohol content) is making a real splash in the city known for opulence.

ANKARA Season Part 7!

It time to be inspired! 
Here's another dose of our very popular 'Ankara Season' installments, with over 30 ANKARA looks to re-create!


Random Man Pricked With Syringe, Told 'Welcome To The HIV Club'

So many unbelievable things happening in this world.  According to KIRO TV news a man outside a Seattle bar was pricked by a syringe and told, “Welcome to the HIV club,” by the woman who stabbed him, police were told.

The incident happened about 12:15 a.m. Sept. 17 in the 500 block of North 36th Street, part of Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

The woman with a syringe, described as a white woman in her late 20s with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, was walking with a man about the same age who was wearing a baseball hat.

Wellness: Healthy Habits For Weight Loss

It is no rocket science to realise that no matter how long you've kept that unbearable weight issue at bay, all it takes is a bad day at the gym to go off gear. To back get on track again and let not the weight loss plan go for a toss, all you need to do is follow these healthy habits.

Don't overdo the salt
Aside of adding taste to your meals what salt also does is, attract water in the body. This means you hold onto that extra kilos instead of eliminating it — which is why you seem and feel a little bloated after indulging on some savouries.

This shouldn't mean that you cut back on all the salt in your meals. Since salt is a preservative, it is common sense that everything that's packaged or processed will be high in sodium. So you need to avoid them. Go for fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein. Also, choose food high in potassium such as leafy greens, oranges, carrots, melon as well as bananas, tomatoes, and cauliflower, as they will help counter-balance for sodium.

As soon as you wake up, guzzle a glass of water. And then go for a cup of coffee or tea.

British-Educated Investor Resigns After Daughter,10, Hands Him List Of Milestones He's Missed

A British-educated investor who quit his job as chief of the world’s biggest bond business has revealed he resigned after his 10-year old-daughter gave him a note citing 22 milestones in her life he had missed.
Mohamed El-Erian left Pimco in January this year amid rumours of a fractious relationship with Bill Gross, the company’s founder.
But now Mr El-Erian, who attended both Cambridge and Oxford, has admitted that personal reasons played a part in the decision after he realised he didn’t spend enough time with his daughter.

Happy Friday!

Wishing you all a happy, productive and blessed Friday! xx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Full House! Kerry Washington And Husband Nnamdi Asomugha Spotted Out And About

Stylish duo: The Scandal star's NFL player husband stayed close in a monochromatic ensemble consisting of a black windbreaker, T-shirt, jeans and Nike trainers.
Actress Kerry Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha are rarely pictured out an about together, so it's refreshing seeing the happy couple reunited. 

Kerry and Nnamdi were accompanied by their nanny who cradled their bundle of joy, 5 month old Isabelle as they exited the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York on Tuesday.

"No Till, No Display Window And Changing Rooms Big Enough For A Toddler To Play" -Inside Victoria Beckhams' Brand New Boutique In London

In an exclusive tour of the Dover Street space, the designer described why she shunned traditional features in favour of a contemporary space dominated by a soaring staircase. 'It's the first time people can see the brand through my eyes,' she said. 'I didn't want a traditional shop window, just a plain window, and a huge concrete sliding door.' 

Bovi And His Adorable Daughter Celebrate Their Joint Birthday's Today

Nigerian comedian Bovi celebrated his birthday which happens to be the same as his adorable daughter's today. Whilst Bovi turned 35, his baby girl marked her first year.

Bovi's wife Kris took to Instagram to celebrate her loved ones with a very sweet message.

"This day last year, sweet husband @officialbovi stood beside me in the labor ward, held my hands in anticipation of our little #princess.

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