Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yvonne Okoro Accuses Miss Ghana Judges Of Rigging Final Votes

Ghanaian actress Yvoone Okoro is not in the best moods over the results of the recent Miss Ghana pagent.
According to her, winner Naa Okailey Shooter who is a 22 year old medical student (pictured below) did not deserve to win.
The actress vented her fury on twitter, tweeting. 

“Thanx 2 evry1 who supported my sis eva grateful,I had a dream of a better Ghana free from sexual bias n Vote riggin..Mayb 1day..kisses”.

Inna Mariam Patty who is the CEO of GH Event whom are responsible for the Miss Ghana pagent spoke in an interview with Hitz Entertainment News regarding Yvonne's remarks. She said Yvonne Okoro's allegations are unfounded adding that it “shows that she is completely ignorant and does not know the definition of cheating. Ghanaians picked up the phone and voted and who voted? Rosaline Okoro [won the popular vote], do you call that rigging?”
Yvonne Okoro sister is pictured looking on after Naa is announced as the winner. Roseline Okoro failed to finish in top 3 during the finale. 

The contestants, she noted, “have worked so hard to be where they are so if certain people do not clinch the title they should not be bitter about it and go about making false allegations. I believe in facts, so if you are saying ABC said it, put out their names and let's investigate properly … to put an end to the typical attitude of tarnishing people's reputation.”
According to her, she drafted the final question and “if we had cooked them to be winners, they would have given the perfect answers … none of them answered that question the way it was supposed to be.”
“All these ladies were given equal platform, we as organizers are not out here to create a queen, we give people equal opportunity to be queens and if you naturally [are good] and you shine, it will be yours. People who are bitter out there should put an end to it because it will not help them,” Inna Mariam Patty stressed.
Roseline Okoro's performance, she added, on the night was not the best, “those who deserve to be in the top three [got there] and everybody is happy about it. It is a shame that people are out there trying to tarnish the reputation of our new queen and believe you me, we will not let her go scot free.”
We think that Naa is a deserved winner, she is absolutely stunning, smart and exudes exuberance. We wish her all the best in the Miss World pageant that will be held next year in Indonesia! 


  1. The best girl won! Very childish of Yvonne.

  2. Yvonne, so yur sister shud win because she is more popular abi! Mtcheew congrats Naa

  3. she sounds so bitter. to be honest her sister is pretty but not beautiful enough to rep GH at miss universe

  4. She needs to calm down. Naa is obviously pretty enougg to win. Better luck next time @ Roseline

  5. What was sexually bias about it? her sis didn't even finish top 3!!
    na wa

  6. African Sweetheart u are generating more traffic so would u care to credit your source?haba!how difficult does it get to do the right thing?
    This story was picked &everything verbatim from

    1. Mtchewww!!!!! Go back to that site if it gets stories first!
      Bad belle
      news is not a commodity, it belongs to EVERYONE

  7. Yvonne dat ur sis dnt win does nt mean u hav 2 say tarsh abt oda pple.nt gud gal

  8. KmT my Va sister won so there!
    Yvonne is a disgrace, ou are the one who believed 'Vicarious' celebrity would win over beauty!!
    The Ego of these people is unbelievable, I guess the thought that your sister wasn't the best looking on the day didn't even cross your mind??



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