Friday, 28 December 2012

Style Focus: Brenda Chuinkam

Brenda Chuinkam is a gorgeous fashion enthusiast based in Canada. She has a passion for fashion and enjoys blogging about her style and sharing tips with other fashionista's.

I am a 22 year old Bachelor of Science holder, currently working as a Technical advisor for Sony.

I live in Toronto but I'm originally from Cameroon. I really really love fashion and believe I have an eye for it.

While I'm on a strict budget, I have really learnt the value of being able to mixing, matching and recycling what you have while adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe. 

I am a crazy fan of anything color and print (especially African print).

My style influences are actually fellow bloggers like myself  I follow a crazy number of blogs and like to admire (and sometimes get jealous) of how they put outfits together that look so good!

As concerns beauty and make up, I believe in less is more. The girls I find the prettiest are those with minimal make up and a big smile. 

I personally wear just eyeliner on a regular basis and I find it very refreshing! 

I believe keeping yourself clean, smelling good, eating right, having fun, being spiritual and loving life should be your make up of life!

As far as make up goes I use the bare minimum on a regular basis but I do like to glam it up occasionally-I love Rimmel London liquid eyeliner-creates a gorgeous cat eye.

I loveee MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, Revlon pencil eyeliner for my bottom eyes, Mary Kay brow pencil, MAC compressed foundation, Ardell lashes when I go all out but note they do cause your own lashes to shed.

For skin care I use everything Mary Kay. I have super oily skin and so their products geared towards oily and combination skin are a life saver. 

I use the Time wise cleanser and moisturizer as well as eye make up remover for sensitive eyes.

I shop everywhereeee but my top destinations would have to be ASOS, ebay, forever 21, H&M, Zara, Aldo and gojane. 

 I hope to one day own a few Aqua by Aqua dresses and play suits though!!

We love her style! You can keep up with her style posts by visting her at her blog page HERE
We got a vibe from Brenda's style as it being a touch of modern with an African twist and a generous burst of colour!

What did you think of Brenda's style?
Love it or love it? :)


  1. Brenda is a young sexy diva I love her style! Thinking of what we can do together, african sweet heart we need to talk,I need us to partner on some things.

  2. She definitely knwz how to av fun with her braids. Love her style too

  3. I like her style

  4. Her style is great, www.fredaidehen.blogspot.con

  5. Love her style.

  6. Fabulous sweetheart. Keep it up!

  7. She looks really good and comfortable with her style!

  8. I love her style,she is a real fashionista.

  9. Love her style !!
    colourful, sexy and confident !!

  10. the fact that you are from Cameroon
    i just love you more

  11. Gorgeous, confident young lady.

  12. gorgeous styles Brenda! so proud of you


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