Thursday, 10 October 2013

Style By: Lara Nuga

This week we're featuring stunning PhD student Lara who effortlessly oozes simplicity and sophistication.

My name is Lara Nuga and I am a 23 year old PhD student, part-time graduate teaching assistant, self explorer and food lover. 

What does fashion mean to you and how you would describe your style?
Fashion to me is an avenue of self expression. It is my way of telling others who I am without saying too much. 

My personal style however  is constantly evolving and this itself is an exciting journey for me. My aesthetic can be best described as feminine, tidy, and affordable. 

What are your favourite clothing and beauty labels? Are they any high street brands you are a fan of?
I have found amazing bargains in the most obscure nameless shops. More often however, one site I cannot get enough of is 

The cloths are simple, effortlessly chic and fit beautifully. High street brands I adore, Zara, Topshop, Debenhams.

Any tips you would like to share? (Beauty and fashion wise-or products you would recommend?)

Fashion tip: Spend time learning about your shape and body. You define what fashion is to you. Explore and have fun with it.

Beauty tip: Drink water, Eat well. 

Makeup products I swear by: Bobbi brown vitamin E face cream,and all their foundations formulaes.

Lara is definitely a combination of brains beauty and style. We absolutely love her feminine and very sophisticated chic style! What do you think of Lara look?  


  1. sophisticated, classy and beautiful.

    1. i agree she really 23 or older?? she luks pretty still.

  2. She looks like Tiwa Savage....and her style is Unique
    Love her Smiles

  3. So stylish I love. Her style is really lady like and expensive.

  4. She's very stunning..and I like that her style is classy

  5. Lovely. The pink outfit is so chic!

  6. This young lady is so classy and chic. Adore her style!!

  7. Wow, beauty with brains - her style is so unique!


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